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The ERIAN team has extensive experience in system design and development, focusing on the mechatronics of machines both off- and onshore. We have designed different lifting applications, winches and drilling equipment for the international market. We can contribute as a part of your project organization on a consultant basis, and deliver drawings, calculations, documentation and software for your systems. If your company does not have in-house resources to create hydraulic- and/or control systems, we can help you with these parts. We are very focused on delivering cost-effective solutions and have during the past years tested many different valves, components and solutions to find out what works and what is price competitive. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help within any of the below mentioned areas.



Our hydraulic engineers are experienced in system development including conceptual design studies and mechanical calculations to dimension drivetrains. We have designed high performing systems using technology such as secondary control and individual meter-in / meter-out. We are also experienced in the design of open and closed loop systems with high dynamic response requirements, including several Active Heave Compensated (AHC) systems. We can create all the necessary drawings, specify all components and create the needed documentation for any class society. We are very experienced in deliveries to DNV and ABS, but we can also handle other requirements and class societies. Our strength is a good understanding of the complete system and a special expertise in how advanced hydraulic systems should be controlled with control algorithms.


Electrical design

Our electrical engineers create drawings of how to connect the hydraulic system with the control system. This typically consists of:


  • A high output 3-phase system powering the hydraulic power unit, oil coolers, vent-fans etc.
  • A medium output system for smaller consumers such as lighting, heating etc.
  • A low power system for hydraulic valves, pressure transmitters, PLC I/O, sensors etc.


We are experienced in the design and component selection for these type of systems. We typically work with PROFIBUS networks, but also use different Ethernet based communications. We are also familiar with the use of Motion Reference Units (MRU), and how they should be connected and configured for best possible control.


Control systems

ERIAN use Siemens PLCs and the Step7 software package to create software for machine control. We have a large program library for the control of different hydraulic valves and motors. What makes us stand out is our extensive knowledge in designing control algorithms especially for hydraulic circuits. We focus on the characteristics and system behavior of such stiff systems and we know what has to be done to get a smooth, fast and stable control. This makes your machines perform better than your competitors! We are also very focused on the safety of the systems we create, and FMECA is a common tool we use to ensure proper functionality and handling of possible errors. We can also offer HMI solutions, with modern touch screen user interface and all necessary functionalities such as alarm systems, logging systems and also remote access systems when required.


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